Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™
Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™

Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™

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E-book "Wings of Wonder: A Beginner's Guide to Birdwatching"


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Smart Bird Feeder 2.0™ Specifications


AI Camera

4k Resolution


Solar panel and built-in 5000 mAh battery

Angle of View

Adjustable 110° Camera angle




Anti-squirrel automatic alarm


Press-to-speak microphone

Food Container


Water proof


Motion detectors

6 x Infra-Red motion detectors


Bird stand, Tools for easy install, Hummingbird feeder, Automatic bird identification to 11000+ bird species

Capture unique moments from your backyard


Remarkable Low-Light Performance

When the smart bird feeder detects bird activity, you'll get an instant notification on your phone. This wireless bird feeder camera has a built-in microphone, and night vision lamp so that you can observe birds' appearance and behavior anytime with your family online, regardless of day or night, and even listen to their songs.

Watch the Birds Feed Live

Smart bird feeder with camera can auto-capture all coming birds, and you will receive real-time notifications of feather visitors via the phone app. This revolutionary smart bird detective camera allows you to close up shoots full of character and provides the best experience to upgrade your birdwatching journey. You will never miss out feather friends!


Ideal Gift For Your Friends and Family

Smart bird-watching camera can record videos and save them on the cloud. The app of outdoor bird feeder can support multiple users and share lovely videos of birds on social media. It is a great gift for children, elderly, and bird-watching enthusiasts. It will strengthen communication between families, like our parents who always share the beautiful moments of birds.

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Why Others Love Us

This is a great product for yourself or anyone that loves nature! The packaging was done very well, with a few pieces that just snap together. The app is free and allows for videos to be recorded on the memory card or to the cloud.Couple important things to note about placement:1- you can charge the unit, but ideally you want to place in a very sunny location to take advantage of the solar panels. This means if you’re placing it in the woods where the sun is shading the birdhouse, just know that you will have to charge it every so often, depending how many times the video is activated.2- since you need WiFi in order to use the app, keep in mind how far it will be located from your WiFi router. If you’re going a long distance, you may need to get a WiFi extender, like I needed to.Definitely a cool product!


Deanna M Bolton

New York, NY

Honestly, there's nothing to not like! I'm thinking about buying a 2nd and 3rd Feeder soon! The picture quality is awesome upclose and even 10 feet out as I have it staged so it snaps photos of a bird bath and 2 other feeders I have in view! I installed a 1TB micro SD card which will last forever it seems. The App "Tris Home" I haven't had an issue with yet. My feeder is 100 feet from my wifi router and totally smooth. The alarm scares my little Yorkiepoo away from the feeders as she likes to torment the birds! The feeder I mounted on a 10ft 4" x 4" pole so it does look down on my other feeders, my next will be wrapped around a tree as the package provides those materials also for installation. You will enjoy!


Sol E Smallwood

Los Angeles, CA

This is a very sturdy bird feeding camera. The video is very clear. In addition to birds, it also records the activities of other animals. There were so many videos of birds throughout the day that I didn't have to worry about the battery dying. I highly recommend this. We really enjoyed it


Rachel M.

Chicago, IL

This is a great bird house and I really like seeing the birds when they eat! We are able to stream the view of the birds and it really allows us to see and identify the birds in our area. It was a great addition to our bird sanctuary and we are going to get others to add to replace our old birdhouses! I definitely recommend this for anyone who enjoys backyard bird watching


Perry A Boggs

Austin, TX

Was very easy to connect with my Wifi router and app on my phone Can also access it with cell phone data away from home. Installation/mounting was a breeze and holds quite firmly in place. We haven't had much sun recently, still the battery is able to remain nearly 50% charged via the solar panel. But if push comes to shove, I can always attach a charger to it. The hopper is quite large and holds a nice amount of bird seed.


Brigitte J Reyes

San Francisco, CA

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